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4 of Bro-Science Biggest Myth That Actually Works


Bro-science advice can be at the same time very popular and incredibly dumb. Because of such negative examples, many got to believe that whatever comes as ‘broscience’ must be quickly dismissed. However, time and experience have proven that such pieces of advice can actually be very useful. All you have to know is which ones are indeed correct.

1. Supplements will help you out

Yes, this is true. It doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, but adding a few key ones to your diet can give you a significant boost. Supplementing with minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, oils etc. will not do wonders. These do not grow your muscles per se. What they do is to correct certain deficiencies, so that your body has everything it needs to handle intense workouts. Make sure you find out what deficiencies you have. You’ll be doing better with supplements, although you will definitely not increase your performance with 100%.

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2. The anabolic window

Supposedly, the anabolic window is the period of time between half and hour and two or even four hours after a workout. This is when the stressed muscles start recovering and where they use the ingested protein. Bro-science usually insists on post-workout protein intake, which isn’t really necessary as long as you’re getting enough protein throughout the day. The anabolic windows does exist and is important when it comes to other forms of supplementation.

3. Nutrient timing

Bro science is obsessed with timing everything. Well, the body has its own internal clock and it’s valid for every organ and system, so this actually makes some sense. While the gym fellows may be exaggerating with some claims, timing is important, still. The effects tend to be exaggerated as well though. Note that your body can absorb nutrients better during the early part of the day. You may want to use this knowledge as you start to bulk up. Also, remember that you should never skip breakfast. It doesn’t matter how much you are going to eat from lunch on. Muscle loss happens whenever you skip a meal.

4. Generating muscle confusion

In the gym world, it is often said that changing the routine leads to muscle confusion – your muscles don’t recognize the exercise and are thus growing to be more powerful and handle all the novelties. The usual reasons given for this are not real, but experience and science have indeed shown that variety works. As you try new exercises, what you actually do is to push your limits. This is why it works.

Bro science is, therefore not entirely misleading. Parts of it come from experienced individuals who struggled to find what works on their own.

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