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Building a stronger version of yourself


Sure anyone could build a great body and make themselves strong but beyond that how would you want to be perceived by others as a person.

What is your moral center, and are you of perceptive enough to know if you’re in the wrong.

Or have you conquered your deepest fear.

While I could rep as much as I could in my physical aspects of my life, what of my mind.

That’s where I think it gets interesting. It too need some sharpening.

When you get both domains to gel together working cohesively as a unit, you’re unstoppable.

I believe I started listening to motivational cassette tapes, yes you know the one with magnetic spools, back in the late 90’s when I find myself with this gaping hole in my life.

Questions which I’m sure you’ve asked yourself too such as “What is my purpose in life?”, to “Does God exist?”.

While I’m no philosopher and I pretty much get lost when the context of the content gets too dense, I believe a layman person such as me still can benefit from such self-help knowledge.

It’s all about how the speaker present their stuff and getting to the gist of things.

I listened to oldies such as Dale Carnegie, John Gray, John Gottman to Napoleon Hill.

And moved on to current stuff of Stephen R. Covey, Dave Ramsey and Elliott Hulse.

A sample of Elliott Hulse at his best, his gift of the gab.

I at the moment love Elliott’s stuff as he brought together his physical and psychological domain what is famously known as “Building a stronger version of yourself”.

I could relate to him, like me I’m also a budding entrepreneur who loves to workout and also dwells in lifting other people up with our body of work.

You should really check him out, he has two Youtube channel, one for just workouts, the other covers all aspect of life.

Your fitness pal



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