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Bulking Myth A Bodybuilder Should Know


The fitness and bodybuilding territory is a place where conflicting advice and stories happen to meet. It’s vital to know what is true and what isn’t, because building a strong body takes time and is a commitment for years to come. Nobody wants to waste years of their life doing things wrong. We are going to debunk some of the most frequently heard bodybuilding myths and put you on the right track right away.

1. “Meal replacements will help you out”

What happens here is that we get confused because of the name. When you are trying to bulk up, you don’t need to replace meals. You need, however, to enrich them and to add snacks that help you. A ‘meal replacement’ thus becomes an addition and not a meal in itself. You will only lose weight if you substitute a protein bar or a shake to a full meal.

2. “Lifting light weights in many reps will define your muscles”

Not true. Lean muscle is built progressively, by adding weight constantly and pushing your body’s limits. To build more of it, you need to burn more fat, which is also triggered by more intense training. Low body fat will incline the balance towards lean muscle.

3. “Vegetables won’t build muscle”

It’s ridiculous to keep claiming this when there are so many examples of vegan bodybuilders. The science of nutrition has greatly evolved and there are vegan and vegetarian diet plans that provide the body with everything it needs not only to sustain itself, but to build muscle, too. Nutrients, calories, and exercise are the three prerequisites if you want to grow bigger. You’ll get high-quality nutrition from vegetables, more so than from animal products: carbs that are digested slowly, vitamins and minerals which stay in their true, active form. Meet your caloric requirement and you’ll be just fine.

4. “You should avoid salt”

Salt is very important to the electrolyte balance. Don’t forget it is a mineral that our body needs. When you don’t consume 1,000-2,000 mgs of sodium per day, your body may retain it (along with water) from a particularly salty meal and bloat. Also, a lack of sodium may prevent you from looking ripped.

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