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Bulking Tips


Bulking to me is hard, especially the force-feeding.

Most of the time, the surplus calories usually will result in fat gain rather than lean muscles.

A study by Eric Helms, Ph.D. candidate at Auckland University, has these bulking estimates:

    BEGINNERS – Can expect to gain 1 to 1.5% body weight per month

    INTERMEDIATES – 0.5 to 1% body weight gain per month

    ADVANCE – 0.5% or less body weight gain per month

The above is a good gauge so as you don’t go overboard when bulking & become a fatty.

To avoid gaining more fat on a surplus, the tactic is to understand that more calories do not equal more gains, except in fat.

You need to hit the right spot. Slowly increase your surplus, use the mirror and bodyfat calipers to keep track and find the right Metabolic Range that’s suited for you

Once you reach a plateau after weeks/months of ‘dieting’ and resistance training, dabble again with the macros calculations as you have a new set point.

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