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Can Calisthenics Build Big Muscles


You can’t have big muscles without weight training. What is the role of strength training then? Why are bodybuilders concerned with it? Progressive calisthenics may hold all the answers you need when you are aiming to have gains.

Bodyweight strength training or calisthenics have numerous benefits. Besides, this is a minimalist type of exercise, which brings about yet another series of advantages.

The benefits

Simple, accessible and flexible – When you use your body weight, you need no equipment. Thus, you don’t have to go to the gym. It’s simple and accessible. Calisthenics allow you to train at any time and improve your body. There are no restrictions when it comes to this. Movement patterns can be made to be intense enough to trigger muscle growth or can be made harder, as you desire.

It is a fun – Also, many people tell that calisthenics are fun. It’s all about your mind and your body and you can now test its limits and versatility. You can get creative and you’ll be enjoying the process – a constant challenge for your own self.

Control your body weight – Calisthenics help athletes have a better control over their bodies. This is one key aspect when it comes to future growth. However, most are wondering whether these build muscle or not. Here comes the truth: if you rely on calisthenics alone, you can’t build muscle, not in the way you would desire (in a quick, dramatic way). However, your own body weight can prompt you to achieve better results and boost your efforts.

How to use calisthenics to build muscle?

When using calisthenics, progression is the key if you want to see improvements. Adopt exercises which have more steps, from easy to the hardest. Exercising gradually is perfect. This will not be a waste of time, guaranteed. You can build muscle, but only slowly and with great consistency. If you don’t stick to it, your efforts are in vain.
Let’s find some actual examples of great calisthenics. You can do one-arm push-ups as main lifts. You can do some ring dips and back lever pull-outs as assistance work. This is one example taken from very strong bodybuilders.

Calisthenics represent an easy way to start building strength for beginners. However, these won’t work when leaning down. If you diet is not rich enough in calories, the body has a difficult time building muscle so you will not see any gains. This type of exercise will work in a situation where you are eating like a bodybuilder.

Calisthenics allow you to work on whichever muscle you want to focus on. You may use giant sets if you want to train harder, but it’s the actual intensity that matters and not the number of reps. To make it harder, reduce your rest time between the sets and eliminate all swing. Pull ups or chin ups and especially diamond push ups are some of the best exercises here.

Any expert will point out that you need determination to train this way. The result, however, will be worth it. The body will have gained more strength and some volume as well.

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