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Can You Lift More When Using A Mouth Piece


Could you possibly lift more weight when wearing a mouth piece? It may seem like a ridiculous connection at first, but let’s look deeper into this matter.

Mouth pieces are seen in combat sports and are worn during the training, too. What the average person doesn’t know is the true purpose of these items.

The many benefits of mouth pieces

Mouth pieces are a real performance aid. The benefits of wearing these go beyond what’s obvious. Studies were concerned with measuring cortisol levels, which are good indicators of what is happening within the body when training. It has been shown that there is a connection between the cortisol amount and the teeth clenching action that occurs when athletes are training hard and therefore stressing their bodies. Clenching would lead to modifications in the cortisol levels.

Athletes who wear mouthpieces can experience a drop in cortisol levels of up to 50%. The usual drop is of 30% when measured right after the end of a workout session. The stress hormone release happens regardless – it doesn’t matter whether you are using a mouth piece or not. The important information is that, if you use the item, you largely get to influence what happens to the cortisol released in the blood stream. If the hormone stays in the blood stream, it reaches the muscle fibers and has a harmful action on the protein.

What does this has to do with the quality of your lifting sessions, however? Here is the explanation. The less cortisol the body has post-workout, the more able it is to heal itself. The stressed muscles can repair much quicker. Indirectly, the mouth piece gets to shorten the recovery times. Too much cortisol causes protein degradation, and this is why it’s good to avoid it. Degrading proteins is not an effect you want to have when bodybuilding. The body is producing this hormone under stressful circumstances and there appears to be a connection between this and the jaw movement. Wearing a mouth piece prevents the jaw from being engaged in the same moves. In consequence, cortisol is managed differently.

Let’s go back now to the protein degradation aspect. As athletes prevent this by wearing a mouthpiece, the muscles in the body are protected. Whatever other damage may occur during the exercise, it is being repaired right after, during the resting time. Recovery is speedy when there isn’t as much cortisol present. This is a shortcut to growing your muscles bigger and stronger.

Besides this, mouth pieces also have another effect. They influence the way athletes breathe, too. It forces them to take deeper breaths each time, which translates to better cardio efforts. It is well known that cardio training improves one’s resistance and helps the blood be better oxygenated. Muscle nutrition is thus made more efficient. With all proper conditions met the muscle pumps up its volume.

As you can see, this very simple aid can lead to improvements you may not have hoped for. It’s no sophisticated device, but it will help you move further.

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