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3 Cardio mistakes you might be doing trying to lose weight


The importance of cardio in weight loss is well documented. Keeping the heart rate up increases fat metabolism, and with time, excess body fat is lost. Despite the abundance of weight loss supplements and other like products, cardio has endured as the bridge between being overweight and being fit.

If you have committed to cardiovascular exercise in a bid to be leaner, you should record some changes after staying at it for a while. However, you might find yourself in the dreaded plateau phase. It is the place where your cardio routines no longer culminate in weight loss. The scale readings do not change despite the many hours in a week you toil in the gym keeping your heart rate up. What errors might you be making then? Here are three of them:

Doing the Same Routines Repeatedly

You cannot do the same thing over and over and expect different results. It’s a truth that applies in the sciences, in life and in the gym. Sure, we all have those exercises that we have a preference for.

It could be that you adore the treadmill and the sensations it conjures. Or you could be one for the elliptical or the stationary cycle. But if you keep turning to the same equipment that you are most familiar with time and again, you will stagnate. Your body will adapt to handling the work and the challenge. Eventually, it learns to expend the least energy needed to accomplish the exercise. Thus weight loss is stalled.

You can overcome this by switching things up. Skip rope for a few days, and then go jogging for the next and so on. If you keep surprising your body with the routines you take up, the process of weight loss will be sustained.

Doing Cardio on an Empty Stomach

Doing a morning run on an empty stomach has been advocated as one of the best ways to accelerate weight loss. There are people who have subscribed to this belief and maintain that there is no wrong in doing intense cardio when you haven’t had any pre-workout snack.

While some experts support moderate intensity cardio first thing in the morning, it is not the best long-term approach. To perform any enduring exercises, your body does use up a lot of energy. If this energy is not provided, it is retrieved from the muscles, and this leads to lean muscle mass loss.

It is better to have a light snack before you speed of to the gym. Ideally, it should be a snack that has slow-releasing carbohydrates, so that you get sustained energy to keep you going throughout your workout.

Liberal Eating Because You are Doing Cardio

Cardio might help with weight loss, but it is not the singular fix you need. Here is the truth- cardio alone is insufficient. If you think that taking up cardiovascular exercise to achieve weight loss is the only lifestyle change you need to make, you are terribly misguided. You cannot eat anything you want and expect to lose weight. You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Regardless of how often, or how intense your cardio is, it cannot compensate for the many unnecessary calories you consume. You must to be selective with your food choices. Though it is recommended that you eat fewer calories than you are expending, said calories should emanate from healthy food choices.

These are the three most common mistakes that might impede on your weight loss goals. Don’t shy away from the weight room either. Guy or girl, your efforts will be accelerated if weights are introduced to your routine.

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