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Cardio Training During Ramadhan


Cardio training is a popular topic in bodybuilding circles. It becomes slightly more significant during Ramadhan, as some fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who observe the first wonder if they can still indulge.

Most experts will agree that cardio training during Ramadhan should be greatly reduced or done away with altogether. Cardio puts a little stress on the body by raising the core temperature and demanding more from the muscles.

Among the many outcomes is greater water and electrolyte loss as the body manages the excess heat. As you will be unable to rehydrate properly during the day, cardio is not recommended. It simply puts a demand on the body that cannot be adequately met given the circumstances.

What If You Love Cardio?

If cardiovascular training is part of your routine, you need not to desist altogether if you really want don’t want to. If you are preparing for a show or looking to maximize on your fat loss during this period, it makes sense if cardio appears once or twice in your typical training week. The big question is when is the best time to do it?

The absolute best time is before the pre-dawn meal, by waking up about an hour before, hydrating well, and then training. Waking up this early might not work for everyone though.

The alternative is to do it at night after breaking the fast. After stocking up on essential carbohydrates and liquids, you can do cardio, and then rehydrate and eat after. Because it allows both a pre and post-workout meal, this is the option that resonates with most people.

It doesn’t matter if it is low intensity or high intensity. While HIIT is recommended since it is quick and effective, low intensity cardio, such as jogging or cycling is still good, so long as it doesn’t exceed 30 minutes. It’s important to reiterate that these cardio sessions should be no more than two times a week. Otherwise the body will experience additional, unnecessary stress.

Doing cardio during the day is discouraged. Between the heat of the sun, and the long period that precedes breaking the fast, the resulting fluid loss would upset your systems and make your fasting intervals intolerable.

The Bottom Line

If you are also doing weight training, you can discontinue your cardio routines without consequence. One month is not going to make that much difference after all. But if you love it so, follow the suggested guidelines above for best results.

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