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Can I Build More Muscle With The Caveman Diet


Eating like a caveman has a fancy name: the Paleo Diet. This takes us back to the dawn of mankind, where people would hunt and gather in order to get food. This feeding style is perfectly doable today – well, not in terms of activities, we’re not saying you should start hunting and roaming the forest in search of mushrooms and fruit. You can find all that in the closest supermarket. The idea is to avoid products of modern agriculture and especially those highly processed foods, rich in carbs, unhealthy fats and sugar.

Building lean muscle with the caveman, aka Paleo diet

Many have claimed that the Paleo diet can help one lose weight. It can also help you build more lean muscle.

If you are already a meat eater, then you can easily make the transition to the Paleo or caveman diet. However, it’s up to you to keep it balanced and make it serve your fitness goals. For that, you should avoid having too many carbs that can get you fat. Keep in mind that fruits have carbs too. Vegetables and healthy fats will work well for you, since these also provide fiber. In addition, the starches will provide you with much of the needed energy.

You should aim to have protein with every meal. It doesn’t always need to be from meat though. Nuts and seeds, along with beans and lentils will provide a lot of it. These will also get you the fats your body requires, especially during the times of recovery. Inflammation will also decrease thanks to this. If you feel you’re not getting enough fats, you can add coconut, avocado, sunflower or olive oil to your meals.

Carbs must be present in your diet – never eliminate these unless your goal is weight loss. However, if you aim to pack on muscle, then your body absolutely requires carbs, for energy production as well as for weight. By training, you will convert carbs into that which you need.

How should a Paleo diet meal look like?

Have one source of protein, add one serving of fat-rich foods (nuts, seeds, avocado, oils or spreads). Add one or two servings of veggies and starches/carbs: carrots, beets, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, parsnip, and don’t forget seasonal fruits.

Feel free to experiment with portion size, as well as with the quantities of each macronutrient. Don’t forget about grains – you should include these in your diet, too. However, avoid processed grain products, like white flour, pastries, pasta and such. Opt for whole grains that you can prepare by boiling. Serve oats, quinoa, and whole rice and count it as a good carb source.

Going for the Paleo diet doesn’t mean you’re getting all the protein you need for building muscle. You might find it hard to eat too much, which is why you’re free to supplement with protein powders. Choose high quality supplements, there’s plenty of them on the market.

Eat real foods with the caveman diet

All in all, regardless of what you put your focus on, Paleo means eating real food. Whether you’re more into meat or prefer veggies, it will help you steer away from noxious junk food.

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