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How to Maintain Your Waistline During the Chinese Lunar New Year


Do you want to enjoy the Chinese Lunar New Year but keep your waistline in check? You can do so without saying ‘no’ to all the feasting that comes with this event. You can even taste the famous dumplings and the seafood dishes. How do you prevent a bloated figure though?

6 ways to maintain your waistline this Chinese Lunar New Year

The number one trick is the good old calorie counting. You need to keep track of the calories. Don’t restrict what you eat (in terms of dishes) but do restrict the quantities. Only a bit of discipline and self control can go a long way. Remember you’re not denying yourself a pleasure; you’re only having less on your plate. It’s simple to keep the calories in check these days. There are many Internet tools and mobile phone apps that let you select the dishes and portions, and find out how many calories are in there.

Try to avoid sugar. In the Chinese Lunar New Year desserts there is usually plenty of sugar involved, and you know that gets you fat. Luckily, there are also sugar-free versions here and there, so you should definitely grab those when they are in sight. Also, if you want to make wiser choices, develop a taste for fruit desserts instead of sugary ones.

Overindulgence isn’t a good idea. This isn’t recommended here. Stay away from binge eating but do please your taste buds by having a bit of the dishes you find attractive. Count the gatherings you have to attend, then divide the food so that in the end of the day you’ve only eaten what you would’ve had for one event only. Do not multiply the food quantity just because you’re going to several events.

Think of some additions. If your stomach feels stuffed and you’re worried that all the fried, oily and sugary food isn’t doing good to you, then counter-attack this issue with some herbal tea. It’s smart to have a few cups of chrysanthemum tea, as well as barley. This will calm it down inside. Also, if you are cooking, add fiber-rich foods like vegetables and have some brown rice too, as a very useful and healthy addition.

Keep on moving to burn calories. If you totally want to maintain your waistline, try to keep on moving. When there’s a chance, commit to your exercise schedule, even if it may not be for the usual duration. When that feels like too much of a routine for this festive time, then replace the gym with something more pleasant. You will still burn calories if you take a brisk walk through a pleasant area, for example.

Sleep tight. As long as it’s a resting time, do your best and have that much needed rest. Good sleep is essential to your health and it regulates the metabolism. When your body is deprived of sleep, it is stressed out and often retains what you eat as fat.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in the celebration, knowing that this isn’t going to ruin your slim waistline. Keep a final tip in mind: as delicious as the New Year treats may be, don’t forget to chew them slowly.

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