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Crossfit vs Bodybuilding – Which one will you build more muscle?


Crossfit and bodybuilding are two options in the fitness industry with many passionate adepts. To pick one, you’ll have to think not in the terms of which one is better, but which is more suitable to you. It has to be in tune with your goals. Still, you can mix the two.

The benefits of Crossfit are many. This is a type of training that’s using a plethora of methods, including high intensity workouts, weightlifting and gymnastics too. It is a style popular in many gyms and founded by Lauren Jenai and Greg Glassman. It’s for conditioning and strength. The exercises are permanently varied and also intense. Besides, you will be using so many different pieces of equipment: dumbbells, bars, ropes, barbells, kettlebells, rowers, mats, plyo boxes and more. Common for military training, Crossfit develops broad physical competencies. It’s no easy training. Crossfit is highly demanding. It involves exercises from about 10 fitness domains, hence the name. Indeed, it will improve a wide range of skills and if that’s what you want you may go for it, but it’s best to have some fitness experience beforehand.

If you thought bodybuilding was the toughest and riskiest route to a great body, this is in fact wrong.

Crossfit can lead to injuries rather easily and also to muscle mass loss. However, it’s fun, gets you to push your limits and is a desirable experience all in all.

Bodybuilders have reasons to hate Crossfit training. This is because it tends to be so unprofessional at times. The instructors are rarely experts. They also claim it cannot really work for pro athletes. In fact, what they really dislike is the intensity of it all.

While Crossfit wants you to develop every kind of skill, bodybuilding represents a more natural approach. It simply helps you make the most of what you’ve already got. It doesn’t force you to become what you cannot be. It’s about loads of work too, but it’s the best way to go even when you have goals such as losing fat/weight. It’s not all about looking bulky. You can start with bodybuilding, it’s not too harsh on beginners. Crossfit is for the higher level and can’t be handled by everyone. You may have a look at the competitions and compare them. You will surely notice the intensity difference.

You’ll have to determine what body looks good for you. Bodybuilders appear more shredded because they focus on that – on cutting fat and revealing the muscle fiber underneath. They also pay great attention to their diets and habits, such as water drinking. Dehydration is common, especially prior to a competition, in order to have that shredded look. Also, it’s the sport that is focused on gaining mass. If you want volume and you want it to show, then the classic way of bodybuilding is good for you. This will not give you the functionality that Crossfit guarantees, but will help you get the volume you want.

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