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5 Dangerous Exercises You Should Not Do At The Gym


Every gym goer so far has heard that, if you do exercises the wrong way, you compromise your results and it can even lead to injury. However, a few are aware that there are certain exercises that should simply be avoided. Here is the black list:

1. Smith machine squats

Using the Smith machine for squats is wrong because it keeps your body locked into a specific path of motion and it’s not a beneficial one. The machine can work well, but only for people who are a perfect fit for it. Anyone taller or shorter will not get the same results. It will put too much strain on you and harm your knees, hips and back.

2. The guillotine press

Any bench press above the neck is harmful to you. This chest exercise, although used by bodybuilder Vince Gironda, is too dangerous and the rewards are too small. Keep bringing the bar down to your lower chest, not to your neck. It will also help your elbows get in a more beneficial position. Your triceps and front delts will be working less, but your pecs will be fully charged. If you change this, the results won’t be as expected.

3. Behind the neck presses

The barbell press behind the neck is dangerous. You will have shoulder issues, because you will be forced to rotate your shoulders to the maximum, externally. This is extremely vulnerable and why would you want to be in that position? Your rotator cuffs will be overworked, not to mention that most people don’t have the flexibility required for the correct move. They will bend their necks forward to accommodate the bar behind. This increases the risk of injury.

4. The snatch

The snatch is not worth the risk. First of all, it’s a heavy load that can fall onto your head anytime. It will most likely wreck your shoulders and it’s no exaggeration here – this could keep you out of the gym for months, in some cases years. The snatch is an explosive move with the potential to tear tissue. If you are looking for a safer alternative, it’s best to do kettlebell swings. The benefit is similar.

5. Good mornings

By now, you must have heard that good mornings are bad for the back. However, you feel strong enough to try these exercises. If it’s seated (on a bench) and you maintain your spine neutral, you may then lean forward to an extent that feels safe to you. However, being seated means that bigger forces work to compress your spine. This can be disastrous if you’re already having lower back issues. It is even worse when people perform this holding the bar in front of the shoulders, as this is a terribly difficult position.

Performing these largely forbidden exercises is no act of courage. In most cases, these may not even yield any results, so your efforts are in vain. What you will get instead is strain and injury. Stick to what’s safe and results will show.

Photos taken at Anytime Fitness Kallang Wave.

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