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Do Diet Drinks Help One Lose Weight?


Diet soda is advertized as calorie free, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, it is quite hard to believe that anything you consume can actually count zero calories.

Still, many people believe that if they replace sugary soft drinks with their zero-calorie versions they will actually trigger a whole series of positive effects inside their bodies. To find out the truth about this, we need to investigate this matter. When your body breaks down sweeteners and other compounds that come along, it still gets some calories from those. It’s never a full “zero” as claimed. Besides, weight increase has still been noticed in individuals drinking diet soda, when compared to those who drank none.

In addition, if you have a sugar addiction, cutting on sugary drinks may not solve the problem, but cause you to eat more foods that contain the sugar you crave. Below, you will find out more about what the trials and studies reveal.

The facts

The only advantage to drinking diet soda is that you are not ingesting all that sugar, with its many calories and harmful effects on the health (inflammation being the top culprit in sugar-related health problems). Therefore, this isn’t exactly helping you lose weight – it only prevents you from adding more. That is, if you are able to refrain from compensating with other sugary treats. If you already have other faults in your diet, then you will continue putting on unhealthy weight (fat tissue instead of muscle).

If we are to compare the studies regarding water, regular and diet soda, we would be easily confused, though. This is because there are certain results that show the no-sugar variety to lead to weight loss. It’s a tricky conclusion and here’s why.

Considering that diet soda doesn’t actually add up to your calorie count that much and doesn’t bring any extra fat (from sugar or carbs), then it’s a safe choice for your cutting time. Another aspect that has been observed and documented is that drinking diet juice can make you feel full for longer, when compared to water. This is how some individuals actually got to lose weight while drinking it regularly. Also, soda satisfies a sweet tooth, thus making people consume lesser sweets throughout the day, which would bring loads of extra calories.

Let’s always have in mind that diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners and loads of chemicals to mimic the taste of regular soda. These are mostly harmful and loads of evidence is available. Moreover, such compounds were linked to thyroid issues. An imbalanced gland can cause weight gain, so you may not want to jeopardize your thyroid health.

To conclude

All in all, please keep in mind that soda, be it low or high calorie, is not a good choice when it comes to hydration. It will never be able to replace plain water or fruit/green juice. If you have a diet coke addiction and you think it’s not the sugar, then it may be the caffeine content. In this case, you can replace it with countless other energizing options.

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