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Difference between Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph


Ever wondered why some people are naturally skinny (and they tend to stay so, no matter what they do), while others get fat just by breathing? It’s not some kind of curse, it’s not even a different lifestyle or habit to blame. To some, it may be frustrating, to others relieving to hear that such differences are due to body types.

What is a body type?

Your body type is something you are born with. It dictates the way you respond to food and to exercise. Your metabolism depends on it. It is important to acknowledge and understand this, because it will make you stop comparing yourself to others. For example, if you’re the hardgainer at the gym, you may feel terrible frustration seeing others who can put on muscle with a lot less effort. You will be able to tailor a better diet to yourself and to achieve your goals at a pace that is natural to you.

The ectomorph

The typical hardgainer, the ectomorph needs to focus on their calorie intake. The body burns calories with ease in this case. We are thus talking about lean and skinny individuals who can barely gain any weight. Their body fat percentage is very low and their metabolic rate high. The limbs are usually thin and long. They will have to consume many more calories than everyone else if they wish to change the way they look. The recommended exercise is strength training and very little cardio if any. Each workout must be short but intense.

The mesomorph

This is the balanced type, with a large bone structure and large muscles. They simply look athletic without much effort. If they take on bodybuilding, they’re the most successful at it. Muscles are easily defined, strength is quick to increase and they can also put on some fat, but not in excess. They can also lose it just as easily. Weight training is the ideal exercise routine for this body type, but they can also incorporate cardio with no worries. They should mind their calorie intake, however. If they’re going overboard, they will gain unwanted weight. The key is balance.

The endomorph

This type is solidly built but is the most prone of all to have an increased adipose layer. They gain weight easily, as their metabolism is the slowest. While the body is stocky, muscles aren’t well defined – it’s mostly fat. Also, melting the fat away is a very difficult task to the endomorph, who is basically the opposite of the ectomorph. Weight training is recommended even in this case, to increase muscular mass, but these people need to focus on cardio exercise.

No matter your body type, you can still reach the fitness goal you envisioned, only that it will require more effort if you’re at the extremes than when you’re balanced.

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