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Distilled vs Mineral Water – Which is safer to drink?


Water hasn’t been for long “just water”. There are so many varieties these days; it’s getting hard to choose. We are going to discuss two intriguing ones. Hopefully, this will answer your question about these.

Distilled water is obtained through evaporation and condensation. It is free of the minerals usually found in it. This can be good if we consider that it’s got no contaminants. Distilled water simply refers to the captures steam, that doesn’t enclose any other element. Should there be any volatile components in the water, these get evaporated sooner, as they have a lower boiling point. What results after distillation is also known as purified water.

There may be some doctors that recommend it, but distilled water isn’t such a great choice, at least not for the long term. It is simply unnatural to drink distilled water. Nature never intended it this way. Regardless of its source, water does contain some minerals. These are being completely removed as the water is purified. Therefore, you have no electrolytes in it either.

Distilling water consumes way too much energy and is far from being a sustainable project. This is because it takes enormous amounts of energy to boil such big quantities of water. It is true, purified water will not leave any solid residue inside your body (which may collect inside of organs), but it won’t have much of a benefit altogether. The human body absorbs important quantities of minerals from water alone, even if it’s tap water only. Also, consider the PH of this type – it is acidic and water would better be on the alkaline side, to balance out those effects of acidic foods.

Mineral water contains trace minerals and is especially rich in calcium and magnesium. These are easier to absorb than those from food. Besides, the body always needs them. Still, maybe you should not drink it at all times. However, drinking non-purified water will help you stay healthy. If water isn’t rich in minerals, then the body will simply have to take these from elsewhere. Not enough nourishment in the food? Then the bodily processes will extract minerals from bones and other tissues. This isn’t something that you want to happen.

Thus, your best option would be drinking spring water. If you don’t have access to that, then it would be good to filter your tap water. Man wants to perfect all things, but if we take a look at Mother Nature we realize how things are supposed to be. As long as the water is clean and free from bacteria and other pathogens, it’s good to drink. It does more than hydrating the body. Of you only need water for hydration purposes, then you will probably be fine with any type. However, it’s best to keep in mind the original design. Do not drink distilled water for long periods of time. It will drain your blood of the elements it needs. You may use it for short term treatments though – for flushing toxins for example.

I myself drink 3 to 5 litres of mineral water daily, depending on my training phase. That’s just me. You’ve got to find your own drinking needs.

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