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Do Colostrum Supplements Work?


Have you happened to notice people who have always had such a good, strong physique ever since birth? It’s like they’re naturally gifted. Often, this is explained through the maternal milk they’ve been getting during their early days. The same is valid for many animals, too.

The first milk- the way to stay healthy for life

This maternal milk is not only rich in all the nutrients a baby needs, but also has all the agents that help the body have a high immunity. The more you get of this, the better you are equipped for life. It was found that the milk produced by mammals in the very first days after birth is the best. It isn’t proper milk actually, but a different substance. This is called colostrum and is nowadays available in the form of supplements aimed at individuals showing failure to thrive and poor immune system or at athletes.

Colostrum that spurs growth

Colostrum, being filled with hormones and nutrients, is what causes such quick growth in animals during those first days after birth and even the first hours. There is fat and protein in it, along with vitamin and minerals. A concoction like this is expected to improve immunity, heal a series of ailments and improve one’s athletic performance and help them build muscle.

Colostrum supplements

Supplementing with colostrum is much like using whey protein, as reported. However, it is not entirely the same, as it has some unique benefits. There are antibodies and enzymes in it, as well as growth hormones. Athletes may take it as a performance enhancer. Colostrum comes in many forms: pills, capsules, powder. It should not be taken as a food, however. Treat is as any other supplement and use it for its unique effects.

Colostrum isn’t a new discovery, but has been known to many ancient populations across the world for its benefits. It was used in cooking or as medication. It has a healing effect on the gut and this has been helping athletes tremendously. Bodybuilders and others often develop certain gut issues because of their diet and stress. Colostrum can help with that and you don’t even need more than a few grams per day. Athletes can use the supplement in powder form and add it to drinks and shakes.

This indeed comes from cows, but it has been deemed that there is real compatibility with the human digestive tract. In other terms, bovine colostrum has pretty much the same benefits in humans as it has in cows. As for the safety, normally there shouldn’t be any issues. All brands seem very concerned with this aspect and take colostrum without the artificial hormones or the antibiotics, since it’s from organically raised cows. Besides all that, there is no real limitation to taking colostrum, it isn’t toxic in greater amounts. Still, you may want to pay attention to its fat content. In addition, its price won’t let you have too much of it at once.

To make sure you get real colostrum and not milk, look at its color. If it’s yellow instead of white, then it’s what you need.

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