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Do professional bodybuilders eat bread?


So much has been said about bread that it is probably the biggest topic in nutrition – somehow bread is scary and everyone worries about it. It makes sense to do so if you are trying to lose weight and want to avoid white, processed bread that is fattening you up. But if you are aware of the other types of bread, you may become tempted to try those out.

When bodybuilding though, you may have a real concern about this and it’s normal. After all, what do the stars of this sport do? Do they eat bread or not?

Bread in bodybuilders’ diet

Bread is a source of carbohydrates, which are useful to bodybuilders. Along with pasta, potatoes and rice, bread is a true staple. It does matter what it is made of, however. First of all, you need to know a few things about wheat and why it’s best avoided. Wheat raises blood sugar almost more than any other food. This can eventually lead to weight gain and health problems. Cutting wheat products from one’s diet is known to normalize blood sugar and accelerate weight loss. Organic vegetables and fruits are better sources of carbohydrates than bread. But there are also good types of bread that you can eat without much worry.

Wholegrain bread is definitely the healthier option here. Or, it could be rye bread, barley bread or any other similar type. Bread is not considered junk food, at least not as long as it is made with wholesome, high-quality ingredients. However it’s made, though, bread will still boost your calorie count significantly and may have an impact on your weight.

Competitive bodybuilders stay away from bread for reasons you may not be aware of. Mostly, it’s the sodium content and when they need to cut, they must avoid all bloating, including the one that’s caused by sodium. Also, it isn’t a clean carb source and many types of bread on the market just aren’t that healthy, to begin with. If you are competing, then it would be a good idea to skip the bread but only then.

Note that the bread you are eating must be very little processed. Try to find out such information from the label or the manufacturer. Ezekiel bread would be ideal if you can find it in its pure version, because it is made with greater care, more naturally and is highly nutritious.

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