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Do These Types Of Cardio For Effective Bodybuilding


Although bodybuilders focus on strength, they still need cardio in their training regimen, especially after they’ve put on some fat during winter or bulking. However, the aim is to burn the fat alone and not the muscles. Thus, one must ensure that the cardio they do is beneficial and doesn’t cross the line between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The danger of too much cardio

You may keep on doing cardio, but it won’t keep melting your fat. At some point, this form of exercise has a certain effect: your body gets into a catabolic state, starting to burn the muscle you are trying hard to grow. How much cardio is too much, though? Many say that what goes beyond 60 minutes a day may have its risks. It only gets worse for those who don’t have a consistent diet.

The best cardio for bodybuilders

The type of cardio truly matters when you want to preserve muscle mass. High intensity cardio is better, because it gets the muscular fibers into the twitching mode. If you want to understand the difference, simply take a look at a sprinter and an endurance runner and compare their musculature.

Also, it is important to stick to short cardio sessions, because the longer they are, the more these will affect hypertrophy.

Thus, you need to start doing high intensity interval training, like sprinting. It will also keep your metabolism at a high rate until later in the day. In addition, it has been observed that cycling is a superior form too, much better than inclined treadmill walking or than endurance running. Cycling involves more joints and muscles and the movements are similar to when you are training for strength. Just keep it intense and it will burn the fat quicker than you expect. Warming up and starting at a moderate pace are still important and you must not skip these stages.

Are you making these cardio mistakes?

  • First of all, don’t go for exactly the same type of cardio day by day. You may replace the stationary bike with the sled drag, for example. Mixing it up a little is definitely better because it won’t get your body used to the movement so quickly.
  • Are you doing cardio when fasting? That is an even bigger mistake. If you don’t eat your breakfast and jump straight to cardio, your body doesn’t have the glucose to fuel it. What it’s going to use then is the muscle mass.
  • Also, don’t rely on cardio only if you want to lose fat. We already mentioned that too much is bad for you. It may make you sweat a lot, but it will eventually exhaust you and lengthen your recovery time. You may want to tweak your diet when you are in need of constant fat burning.

To make cardio effective for you, it’s important to have a good plan to stick to. Take the advice above and never do too much, because it could harm you more than help you.

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