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Do You Need A Certificate To Become A Personal Trainer?


Becoming a fitness trainer requires true commitment, people skills, motivational power as well as the ability to provide a flawless personal example. If you attain this goal, you may be interested in becoming a personal trainer, which will get other people’s fitness goals in your hands to control.

What does it take to reach this level, though? Is a personal trainer certificate truly necessary or should one have a relevant degree? Would trainers even need both?

People who want to hire a personal trainer are usually very serious about their goals and know their desires. They’re no longer willing to make compromises on their way to the top. They aim to take their training to the next level and thus want to hire someone who’s really competent. They pay a lot of attention to one’s qualifications, clients, success stories, diplomas, titles and so on.

What clients are most frequently looking for in a personal trainer is the right education. A high school vocational program can be just what is needed, depending on the level you want to work at and the type of training. It helps much more though to get a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields: kinesiology, exercise science, physical education or anything that’s related to sports and health. Bear in mind that some gyms do require a college degree to hire you.

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There is no way you can get around a certification, though. You can get yours from one of the many sports and/or medicine organizations, associations and so on. You will have to complete a series of courses, as it usually goes, then pass an exam.

Certification is not a mere formality; it will actually make you study extensively and gain additional knowledge. Also, in case one of your clients is injured, their lawyer will not find it so easily to blame it all on you when you’re a certified trainer. On the other hand, if you’re not, you will suffer the consequences. It’s not illegal to hold no certification or title, but it’s certainly not recommended. Just like you wouldn’t go get surgery from someone who isn’t a doctor (surgeon actually), people won’t choose you as their personal trainer unless you are certified as one.

When you have in mind a specific area of personal training, you will have to find the appropriate niche. Having just generic certifications won’t help much. Choose your area of practice and join a training program provided by a body that is representative to that area. The course will ensure that you acquire specialized teaching techniques.

You won’t be making much money or maybe get any clients at all if you plan on working as an independent trainer. Experience has taught others in your situation to get educated and to obtain the right certifications. You will eventually get to waste more time trying to get clients like this than by enrolling in a program and climbing these important steps of the ladder.

Become a certified personal trainer.

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