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Do you sit too long


‘Sitting is the new smoking’ is being proclaimed by doctors and researchers, alluding to the new generation of technology-driven working individuals who spend a greater part of their day sitting in front of their devices, like laptops, desktops, and notepads. Research has proven that sitting for a long number of hours has adverse effects on the health.

Apart from resulting in weight gain, the body becomes stiff by sitting for too long and functioning of various organs also gets affected. Bodily functions, such as digestion and circulation, are also negatively impacted by sitting for too long at one place.

It is, therefore, necessary to take regular breaks from work to stretch a leg, drink water, remain hydrated and thus stay healthy. While concentrating on work, this may be too much to ask for but fret not, as there are applications which can serve as reminders for individuals to take a break and move around.

The Product

There are applications for iOS smart devices, like sitting timer apps or work break apps. These are the perfect solution to remind you that you are sitting at the desk for too long and need to take a break. The ones worth mentioning are – Healthful – Work smart, not hard and Stand Up! – The work break timer.

Healthful Work smart, not hard! app

The Healthful application backs the research that claims that for every twenty to thirty minutes of sitting at one place and working, you need to take a one-minute standing break. The app will send a reminder, even on a locked screen, to take a break, walk around and even to have a drink.

Stand Up! The Work Break Timer app

The ‘Stand Up’ app reminds you to do just that, to stand up and move around. The application is entirely customizable as per your routine and work schedule. The alarms can be location-based too, for instance, it will go off in office but not over the weekend or when out for recreation. The timings or duration of standing up or doing a physical activity can also be set beforehand along with different alarm tones ranging from insistent ones to ones that remind later after certain time intervals.

The Effectiveness

Often while busy at work, you can forget about taking a break. However the negative impacts of being sedentary at work are many and provide impetus enough to download a reminder app and be thankful for the timely reminders. These applications do not aim to micromanage your schedule but just act as reminders to take care of your health step by step.

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