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Do You Work Your Abs While Bulking?


It often happens that bodybuilders are concerned with their abs during the bulking season. To some of them, abs don’t even show because of puffiness and water retention. It’s not an easy time in the year of a bodybuilder, especially when such an important bodily part doesn’t show any shredding.

Abs Are Just Like the Other Muscles

Some believe there is no difference between the abs and any other muscle and therefore it’s compulsory to work on these, too. They are actually right. Your midsection works and responds the same way as your other muscles do. It’s true, fat tends to gather more in this area specifically, which makes it all more difficult, but this shouldn’t mean that you have to do something else for your abs.

Understanding Bulking

It is normal for abs to fade when you start bulking. At this time you are required to eat in great quantities, which normally gets some fat stored – where else but mostly in the abdominal area? Abs become visible when the body fat percentage gets around 10%.

Bulking will make you gain muscle, but you will also gain fat. This is the way it goes. However, this fat doesn’t somehow ‘cancel’ the muscle building, so it’s wrong to believe such. The worst mistake would be to completely ignore these muscle groups because you simply cannot see them, because they’re hidden underneath the puffiness. Fat won’t prevent the bulking, therefore any such worries should be left aside. As for the fat, you will be losing it when the cutting season comes. If you try to lose it during the bulking time, it could be very slow and difficult. It’s better not to worry about it.

How to Cater to Your Abs While Bulking

Whoever wants the six-pack should simply get to work and start building it. It will not show as desired, not for now, but the six-pack will be there and will appear when you are cutting. Bulking your midsection with weights is the best method. It will then increase the power of your lifts and strengthen the body overall. As you achieve this, the newly gained strength will protect you from injury, rendering your workouts more efficient. Bulking definitely requires abs training, too. This should be your only concern – eliminate all worries related to fat and just leave it there until the cutting begins. Note that you cannot avoid this (cutting) however, if you want to make your abs visible.

Bodybuilders happen to feel discouraged by building abs while bulking because a bigger amount of fat slows down muscle fiber development. While this certainly makes sense, it is not a reason to quit it. You shouldn’t get discouraged if abs don’t show during the bulking time and also shouldn’t stop working on them because the growth rate is slow. It doesn’t mean they’re not there or that they won’t be visible later. As long as you are committed to bulking and, later, to cutting properly, then the results should be great.

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