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Does Cutting Gel Work


Cutting is all about fat loss and about protecting the hard gained muscles while at it. Because of this latter aspect, bodybuilders must be very careful about the substances and methods they use to melt the fat away. Any wrong choice would ruin their bulking efforts.

Products marketed as ‘cutting gel’ are trans-dermal gels that are supposed to penetrate into the skin layers and help dissolve fat. It requires you to focus on only one body area at a time. It calls for moderation because, as advertized, it releases the fat into your bloodstream and thus you have to get rid of it through exercising and through calorie restriction.

With that warning in mind – that of fat released into the bloodstream – one may already sense the issue. Since such cream requires you to exercise and diet to get rid of the fat, then how exactly it is a helper? I guess we could say it’s not. Dieting and exercising already does what you need.

There are many positive reviews of cutting gels, however. It seems that the gel/cream type and its active substance is what makes the difference. We don’t really know, though, if those positive results were due to the gel or to the lifestyle changes (i.e. more exercising, less calories). Also, the existing studies and reports are unreliable, since no trustworthy third party was involved.

Some of these cutting gels only remove localized water which makes the body look bloated. This may help to some extent. This is the case of Aminophyline (a Xanthine derivative) gels. As a diuretic, it surely works well, but doesn’t do much about the actual fat.

The problem with cutting gels may be the advertizing. These are marketed as fat burners, but all they do is to act like diuretics and flush out the water, or at least this is how it appears after reading many of the reviews. However, some bodybuilders insist that cutting gels work – not for everyone, though. They claim that it does take some exercise, but this together with the cutting gel will have a stronger fat burning effect. Laziness, on the other hand, will make the product totally ineffective.

Cutting gels – some of them at least – could work in a way that improves your results when you already lead an active lifestyle. Those who have used it have reported a tingling sensation, which is said to be actual fat burning. Also, cutting gels could be good if water retention is your problem. As you eliminate it, your muscles begin to show more clearly and you look more ripped.

For most, cutting gel is not a true fat loss agent. Cardio will help you look more cut if you do it right, in short intense sessions, and is something you can always rely on when you need to burn fat. If you do want to buy something to help you see results faster, take a look at the various brands reviews and make an informed decision, also being aware of your body type and of what exactly the big issue is about.

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