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Does Kettlebell Build Muscles


The “free weights vs. kettlebells discussion” continues in many bodybuilding forums. We believe you should have little in-depth knowledge on this most versatile piece of fitness and bodybuilding equipment known as kettlebell. Many have used it as a primary form of resistance training, but even more people are unaware of its true effects.

What happens when you add kettlebells?

Cross training that is different than your usual gym routine is more fun, but we will develop on this a bit later. Of course you will be ‘adding color’ to an otherwise dull, mundane gym training schedule. Moreover, kettlebells can help you achieve both size and strength. These will allow you to vary your exercises and target every muscle in the body.

Russian athletes have been using kettlebells for 300 years. In fact, these were the most important tools in bodybuilding. They have been largely employed to build muscular endurance but can also meet your cardio needs. Although not as effective as barbells progressive resistance, they certainly make for a great addition when training.

Recommended Exercises

You don’t realize how much diversity you can add to your routine with kettlebells until you see a list of possible exercises. Have a look at the following and start incorporating them to your workout:

  • Squats with kettlebells (hold them up in front of the shoulders and point the knees to the sides)
  • Turkish get-ups
  • the military press
  • the floor press
  • pushups with kettlebells (balance on their handles – increased instability and therefore difficulty)
  • pistol squats
  • one-arm high lunges
  • Russian twists
  • advanced kettlebell windmill

Most of these exercises are double, therefore require two kettlebells. As you create more resistance, you obtain faster gains in strength. If you haven’t tried a regimen like this, take note that it’s harder than it sounds. Never underestimate kettlebells and the ‘added weight’ created by lifting and swinging these heavy pieces.

Tips for Using Kettlebells

Depending on how advanced your training is, you may look for adequate ways to start your kettlebell workouts. You’ll have to adjust the breaks, the negative and the positives accordingly. The recommendations depend on your level and will change as you progress. This is why it is important to find a suitable program to begin with.


Kettlebell action can bulk you up in so many ways that you can never get bored with these. They are a sure and easy way to introduce an impressive range of new and stimulating exercises to your program. In addition, their effect on the musculature is one with quick results. Sure, these don’t have to be the Alpha and Omega of your strength training. Another important advantage is that you can use them in other locations besides the gym or the weightroom.

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