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Does Pokemon Go & Bodybuilding Mix?


Criticized for many good reasons, Pokémon Go has also been praised for a few ones that cannot be denied. A game app that takes you out of the house, roam around and meet people is much better than anything that keeps you on the couch or in the seat in front of the computer.

What can you do though if you got the game fever but you’re also a committed gym goer? How do the two mix together?

If you’re a serious bodybuilder, of course you can’t afford to waste time on something counter-productive. Once you noticed you caught the bug and don’t feel like letting go of Pokémon, you should at least incorporate it smartly into your day.

Enjoy Pokemon Go while in gym

As you go out chasing pokemons, you can have a solid advantage both ways. Run at a suitable pace for your cardio needs to ensure a proper workout. Run wherever you need to, at a speed that stimulates your heart rhythm. It will help you advance in the game like no other and ensure your cardio needs for the day. This strategy helps you make the most of your time, as you multitask and get to make your schedule how you please.

Use your phone to hunt for the digital creatures that appear in various locations and group up with one or more friends if you will. Make sure they’re all up for cardio. This will make it even more engaging. Even if you just engage in brisk walking, you’re still helping your body. When you’re inclined to take things slower and walk at a leisure pace, then get a meal with you or a good protein shake. Snacking is also great if you need to get more calories for the gym. While you’re catching pokemons, you won’t even be aware of your eating or drinking. This is what makes it a good occasion for getting plenty of extra calories without feeling like you’re stuffing yourself because you “have to”.

Interval training is also possible with Pokémon Go. Open the app and look around in your area for PokéStops instead of gyms. Select one and jog all the way to it – this should make for the first 15 minutes of your session. From there, choose a second stop and do a sprint to reach it. Avoid getting distracted – no pokémon catching while you’re at it. Stop again and spin for items. Then, repeat the procedure and select suitable lengths, so that your next stop is not too close. At the end, have a 10 minute walk to cool off. This is only one type of cardio workout for you, but as you’re getting used you can be creative and come up with new schedules. To track your progress, you should map out your sprint routes and number them.

What should you remember?

Pokémon Go can also endanger your gains if you’re not being careful. You can exaggerate your cardio efforts or simply get distracted and forget about your training duties. These mistakes will take their toll on your muscles. Any gains can start to melt away if you let your standards go lower.

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