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Don’t Leave Creatine In Liquid Overnight


We tend to do many things for extra convenience. This is an approach that makes us use shortcuts in order to have more time later. It’s something athletes and gym goers tend to do, too. As people often prepare their next work day lunch during the evening before, they also try to prepare their gym snacks in advance. While it may work with food, it’s not a good idea to apply this strategy to drinks, too.

Is it fine to leave creatine in liquid overnight?

It may be tempting to prepare a large quantity of protein shake one day and have some for the next day as well. It saves you some time, it’s true. Should you do this with creatine, though?

Are you aware of this fact?

Creatine is best used by your body when it’s fresh. The powder is engineered in such a way that stays fresh for as long as is indicated on the package. However, when it’s mixed with liquid, its properties change. When in water for a long time, it’s actually no longer creatine, but creatinine. This is known to be toxic; it’s a breakdown product that does no good to your body. It is hard to tell though at which point creatine starts to break down in water.

With time, creatine becomes different. Leaving it for too many hours overnight would make it lose its quality. It may seem to you that it’s just the same but, at a micro level, it isn’t. Creatine is unstable in liquid. This is why you should prepare it and consume it immediately after that, or at least within a few hours of preparation.

This advice may be confusing when you see liquid creatine on the market. This isn’t a good option, though. There is no evidence that it works the way powder does, first of all. The substance in itself cannot be dissolved like that and maintained stable, as manufacturers claim.

How to take creatine to enjoy its total benefits?

It is not so hard to simply mix it when you need it. Choose a good brand and enjoy creatine that mixes easily, only with a spoon. To get maximum effectiveness from it, use a constant low dosage and stick to the monohydrate type. Respect the loading and the maintenance quantities. You can ruin a lot just by being lazy and making a larger quantity of creatine-loaded drink, to last you a few days. As the shake is rendered powerless (or even toxic), you are simply wasting your money. The supplement becomes ineffective. Besides, it will not lead to the gains that you expect.

One very important aspect about creatine powder is that it must be put into warm water to dissolve properly. If you use cold water, the supplement isn’t absorbed and it may cause stomach upset. To drink it, you may let it cool. You may even put ice in it at this point.

To conclude, don’t buy into any fad regarding new liquid creatine forms, don’t postpone drinking your shakes and just stay loyal to the old monohydrate formula. Mix your creatine when you need it and try to drink it as soon as you can for maximum benefits.

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