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Dr. Oz – Still Trustworthy?


Mehmet Öz, better known as Dr. Oz, is a well-known and respected US-born television personality, but also a cardiothoracic surgeon and professor at Columbia University. He was brought to fame by Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. In 2009, he started his own TV program – The Dr. Oz Show, addressing people’s health concerns. He quickly became known as one of America’s top health experts.

Dr. Oz talked about and recommended resveratrol supplements among many others, which are now widely employed. He also focused on anti-aging products, natural supplements and alternative therapies. Although he was named as one of the most influential people in the world and a global leader, skeptics have attacked him repeatedly and usually for no real reason but their own disbelief.

Dr. Oz in Controversy

Dr. Oz may have an enviable career so far, but the latest news don’t honor him, however. In June 2014, he was called at the Senate hearing because one of the supplements he promoted was eventually deemed as inefficient. It was the Green Coffee Bean Extract, advertized as a precious weight loss aid. As consumers and researchers reported no positive outcome after having used this, all eyes turned to Dr. Oz.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract The Only Concern?

The concern is not only with the Green Coffee Bean Extract, but with anything endorsed by Dr. Oz along his career. Has he been a liar all this time? Has he broken the oath and sold his soul to the advertizing business? Is he no longer able to distinguish between what’s efficient and what isn’t?

The problem here is not exactly with Dr. Oz, but with those who don’t agree with the newest discoveries and science and are trying hard to discredit him by deeming his methods as ‘unscientific’. Skeptics simply feel comfortable with the limited science, which holds a very small number of answers and cures. Dr. Oz goes further and investigates natural, alternative therapies and products. This is a delicate matter though, because the individual has to take much more acre with these. For example, let’s see the Garcinia Camogia case. This fruit extract for weight loss was considered as highly efficient by some, while it did nothing to others. The key lied in a lifestyle change. When given this boost, Garcinia Cambogia consumption would lead to great results. However, the failures are what fuel the skepticism.

Summing Up On – Is Dr. Oz Trustworthy?

To consider Dr. Oz a charlatan because of one or a few failed recommendations is ridiculous, since these failures don’t change the fact that he has helped countless people, identified effective treatments and products and, on top of all that, has a reputable surgeon background. He continues to inspire people to go beyond what’s commonly accepted and find cures where others are too afraid to go. This can only be a good thing, because what is considered medicine science is in need of expansion.

Dr. Oz, by all means, can still be a trustworthy professional. He is not to be judged based on his recommendations for weight loss as long as there isn’t enough evidence against it or the methods aren’t refined enough to cope with every particular case.

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