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Does drinking Green Tea before cardio burn more fats


There are already countless studies revealing the beneficial effects of drinking green tea. Among these, there is the metabolism boosting and the fat burning effects. In the fitness world, a new idea has emerged: that drinking green tea prior to a cardio workout is bound to speed up the fat burning rate.

The effect of green tea on your body

A first way in which green tea acts on your body is through its caffeine-like effect. This action helped you feel revived, more capable and more energetic than before. In this new state, you are able to accomplish more. Thus, a lot of people feel pumped and do more in terms of cardio. They don’t base this on the stimulating action of green tea, but believe it is something else. Still, you can greatly benefit from this alone – especially if you’re not the type to drink coffee. When stimulated by green tea, the muscles become ready to take a harder workout.

Weight loss and green tea

This almost magic liquid is well famous in the fitness world, you can even find capsules containing a highly concentrated, potent extract. Plus, you’ll find it in a lot of fat burning supplements. Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant but its leaves are not fermented, like in the case of black tea. The polyphenols (catechins) increase the rate of fatty acids mobilization, at the same times releasing energy from stored glucose and boosting the metabolism.

Studies show that 12 weeks of regular consumption is enough for good results in terms of fat loss. As for the needed quantity, this is harder to establish, as it depends on your weight and lifestyle habits. With a healthier, light diet, it is easier to lose weight than when you are eating heavy, high-calorie, junk foods.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the catechins in green tea help reduce the waist circumference and the subcutaneous adipose layer. All the scientists have discovered that green tea is a powerful and reliable agent for more efficient fat burning. However, small quantities won’t do; you need to have several cups a day to trigger that outcome. In conjunction with the caffeine, the catechins have a greater effect than on their own – which means that this potion can really improve the way your body turns stored calories into energy. The British Journal of Nutrition mentions that the same blend of compounds is responsible for a big boost to the resting metabolic rate.

It makes perfect sense to drink green tea before your workout, including the cardio training. Usually, for such effort you need explosive energy and endurance. Green tea is stimulating and invigorating, plus it is natural and poses almost no risks, thus being an excellent choice for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

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