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Drink Lime & Salt Juice In The Morning To Lose Weight


Lime juice in water has some already well known benefits. What happens when you add salt to it? Can it really have weight loss effects? It sounds like such a simple way to achieve important results, which is why it gets so much skepticism.

Let’s have a look at the popular limes and their easy-to-notice effects on the human body and health. Limes help with more than just with fighting colds and flu. They give an energy boost, improve digestion, alkalize the body and detoxify it. This latter effect, of detoxification, is the key to losing weight. Every weight loss diet should start with a good detox procedure, because this ‘moves’ and ‘gives a kick’ to stored substances (mostly stored as bodily fat) that otherwise wouldn’t move. These are mostly toxins. The liver is cleansed and we must not forget that this organ is responsible with fat metabolism. Detox protocols get the body to react and finally get rid of what it has stored.

The citric acid found in limes is what triggers the weight loss, through its fat burning ability. Many have confirmed this effect and the testimonials are easy to find online.

The lime water is a food choice for diabetics. Also, the important quantities of Vitamin C contained in the juice have a series of positive effects on health, as this vitamin supports many bodily functions. It is one of the best things for your body. Moreover, by giving water a sour taste and fragrance, you will find it more enjoyable and drink more of it, thus eliminating any existing dehydration problem.

What happens when you add salt though?

This mixture works as purgative – an excellent one, actually. If you can get rid of constipation, then you may finally be able to shed the extra pounds, too. Good, regular bowel movements are absolutely necessary for a healthy body. These are usually associated to a lean, healthy individual with a fast metabolism. Improve this aspect and you might see spectacular changes. Also, salt supports the adrenal glands, which regulate the energy levels. A lime & salt morning routine will fix your adrenals and re-set your biorhythm.

How should one drink this juice?


It’s simple, you only have to squeeze some lime juice (not necessarily from a whole lime) and pour it in a glass with warm water, also adding ΒΌ tsp or less of salt. Commit to drinking this every morning as you wake up and you will see its fat-melting powers working even on your abdomen.

Avoid salty foods but don’t forget about the salted lime water, because this works in a different way. Drink it on an empty stomach and it will flush the system. When you consume salty foods however, the salt gets to cause water retention. Here’s the last thing we need to disclose about drinking salted lime water- it’s a great way to get proper hydration without the added calories. Ultimately, as you make this a habit, you will replace your high-calorie, unhealthy soft drinks. Your body will thank you for such replacement and will start to redress itself.

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    • Hi Harjot. You can try but I won’t recommend. The stack is lime juice and salt (Himalayan). All the best buddy. Keep me updated.

    • Harjot Singh, thanks for writing but am writing to say lime without water is ineffective since i have tried it for the last two months and nothing happened. May i will try lime with warm water and salt this time early in the morning and see the results. All the best.

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