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Eating More (Not Less) To Lose Weight


This is a suggestion that simply sounds crazy to most, because we are used to pair big weight with a high food intake and dieting or low calorie food with being thin. This isn’t the only counter-intuitive piece of advice you’ll find in the fitness world. Give it all your attention, as there’s real science behind it.

Weight loss by eating more

To understand what is happening, we need to discuss two aspects: the calories and the quality of food.

Here’s how quality comes into the picture. When you eat, your body needs to use various resources to process the food. It’s a well-known fact that it’s harder for us to digest a steak than a green salad. In this case, meat protein is hard to break down and so the body gets to use a lot of its energy. The heavier the food, the more resources you need in order to digest it effectively. This is what many diets out there are based on. When your system is so busy processing the heavy food you feed it with, it weighs down and no longer works to keep you fit. This is not to say you shouldn’t eat a steak – just make sure your food is as natural as possible instead of overly processed, fast food meals.

Now let us discuss the caloric aspect. There’s this belief that eating more will get you fat and in many cases it is true, because you will keep all those calories when you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. However, when you’re eating more but also staying active, you can quickly prompt your body to use the calories from food for energy production.

It’s not only about the calories you consume though. 2,000 calories coming from fruit are not the same as 2,000 calories from processed foods. It’s because of chemistry complexities. For your body, digesting certain compounds comes harder than breaking down others. A serving of fruit will quickly pass through your digestive tract. It’s not the same with its equivalent in meat, however. Your body will also have to produce all the different enzymes it needs in order to process the food you ingest. Note that sugar can totally compromise your metabolism, since it’s involved in the insulin secretion process, directly controlling your metabolism.

Eat the right foods to lose weight

Besides all that, eating the right foods, which tend to be lighter and easier to digest, means that your body has great nutrition and also enough energy to use in various other processes. This is when something wonderful starts happening to your metabolism. If you’re usually having a sluggish metabolism that gets you fat, you may notice how it’s speeding up and you naturally begin to burn more calories.

The key is to focus on your food quality and aim to be healthy, not thin. When you improve your diet, your body will do the rest and get you to your optimal weight. Staying committed to a healthy, wholesome diet has helped many improve their metabolism and overall health, also fueling them with all the necessary energy for vigorous regular exercise.

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