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Exercising in Air Pollution


Did you know air pollutants such as smog inhaled can affect your body & performance adversely.

Go to Google & search “Singapore Air Pollution level” if the current level is ideal for outdoor activities.

You can minimize exposure by exercising very early in the morning before rush-hour.

Do avoid exercising in high-traffic areas.

Singapore’s air pollution levels are nearly twice as worse as the World Health Organisation guideline levels, according to a report by UK Guardian, Singapore’s average annual mean from 2009 to 2015 is nearly double that, at 19.1µg/m³.

National Environment Agency list 3 oil refineries (93.1 percent), chemical petrochemical industries (5.1 per cent) and power generation (1.7 percent) as major air pollution contributor. Only 0.1 percent of sulphur dioxide pollution comes from motor vehicles.

According to World Health Organisation 2012 report, air pollution caused one in eight premature deaths (7 million deaths) from respiratory (asthma, bronchitis), lung (emphysema, chronic bronchitis), heart diseases, lung cancer, and strokes.

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