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How exercising on the rowing machine can help with your bodybuilding gains


Do rowing machines really help people build huge muscles? Usually, it’s hard to believe, because if we are to look at rowing professional athletes, they’re far from bodybuilders. That is not the point, however. Rowing machines are part of the regular gym equipment for good reasons.

What does the rowing machine really do?

With time, you will notice that not many gym goers use this piece of equipment – at least not the rookies, who don’t yet know what it is about. This may lead you to believe that it’s pointless or will fail to have a positive impact on your gains. However, rowing machines are excellent at giving you a full body workout. That means it involves all your muscle groups and not just that: it works on the inside, too. The full, correct movement involves the upper and the lower body, with no way of cheating. You have to go all the way to complete the movement. Plus, a rowing machine can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic training.

Cardio or muscle training?

Rowing machine exercise is confusing and it can be hard to figure out whether it’s good for strength training or it should be included in your cardio sessions. It all depends on the speed. Rowing, when it’s done quickly, will quickly make you sweat, raise your pulse and breathing rate. This does good to the heart and the lungs and it also makes you burn fat. What happens though when you are slow because it feels too hard and heavy? That means the machine’s settings create a high resistance. In conclusion, it will be harder to complete the rowing movement. This prompts you to train at a slower pace and gives your body a good workout. It stimulates your muscular tissue, helping it grow. Thus, rowing can work in any way you want it to – as cardio and as strength training. It’s all about how you adjust the resistance.

Rowing is the ideal low-impact exercise for people with weak joints

People who have weak joints can’t engage in lifting weights that are too heavy. This hinders them from building the muscle mass they crave. However, through rowing they ensure a full-body workout that puts far less of a strain on their joints. Because they’re sitting, the stress is distributed in a less harmful manner. Rowing is also great when you suffered an injury or went through surgery but you’re planning on resuming your gym activity as soon as possible. It is suitable as a transition workout, before you are confident you can workout as before. The same goes for when cardio activities, like running, aren’t good for you; rowing will replace those and avoid harming your joints. Be careful with your back though, it can become seriously strained.

Summing up

Don’t mind your fitness level – rowing machines are recommended at any stage. Even if your muscles won’t be too pumped, they will all become fully functional and help you with all other strength exercises.

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