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Are The More Expensive Personal Trainers A Better Choice


In general, personal training tends to be quite expensive. Many say it’s worth it, though. Your trainer will only spend the time with you, teaching you what works for you personally, correcting your errors and providing you with the motivation to go further and do more. Those who are convinced by this will find themselves in front of a new dilemma, however: which trainer should they hire – the cheaper or the more expensive one?

Saving money with personal training

People get intimidated by the fees. However, these high costs of personal training are actually a smart investment, which helps them save thousands later. This is easy to explain: if you don’t know the secrets of efficient workouts, the exercises that work best for you and how to make quick progress, you can spend months and years in the gym while achieving very little. However, with personal training you will know exactly what do to and how to push your body to get results much quicker. That is how this investment can get you to save much more in future, in terms of time and gym membership money.

Will a more expensive personal trainer help you more? Do their high fees mean that they are better at what they do?

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Some trainers cost much simply because their work is 100% commission based. They have no actual salary. That’s how certain gym centers function and it explains the steep prices. This makes it hard to guess whether they’re actually good professionals or not. It’s more transparent when trainers charge based on their certification and experience. Also, many will have steep prices because they’ve worked with some prestigious gyms or with celebrities. In the end, this doesn’t mean that much. The more modest professional can be just as valuable. Don’t be fooled by the big names on their resumes – this is only a superficial reason to inflate the price shamelessly.

It’s important what people speak of these experts, so ask and pay attention. Someone must be able to provide some opinion. In addition, you may observe and judge yourself. If the PTs talk and explain a lot instead of just telling you what to do and being silent, they’re worth the money. They need the coaching skill. These are the better ones and are normally worth the expense, even if it’s really high.

You may hire an expert to boost your sessions and get you on the right track, or you will have to figure out on your own how to exercise correctly and maximize the results. If you do get to hire someone, keep in mind that you don’t have to accept a certain number of sessions with them. They will normally want to increase this number, but what you rather need is to set an exercise program to commit to – for starters at least.

You may bring one or two friends along to lower the cost if group training is allowed. However, the trainer still needs to pay a lot of attention to each of you. Focus on getting the best, not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. If they do their job right, they add value to all your efforts and the price in itself is no longer so important.

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