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Finding The Right Gym If You Are A Woman


There is much to consider when choosing the right gym for you, but it all gets even more complicated if you are a woman. There are additional questions you are asking yourself in this case, such as: “Will it be too demanding for me?”, “Will men stare at me?”, “Would I feel intimidated?”

Find what works for your goal

Women want to shape up and lose weight, but sometimes they happen to want to develop their musculature and get competitive. Whichever their goal, they need to find a gym club where they feel safe, respected and free to pursue this goal. Also, they want to see results. It’s useless if you are in a clean and friendly environment, but you don’t shed a pound or see no difference after months of ongoing effort.

Make a smart equipment choice

At first, women should be concerned with the equipment in a gym. If they want to focus on cardio, a club filled only with strength building machines will not be suitable. Have in mind the kind of training you would like to pursue. Do you see yourself working out on your own with fitness machines or in a group, doing aerobics? How about having a personal instructor to tell you exactly what needs to be done? Find the gym that’s got the equipment and the classes you need.

Care for some extra features?

There are gym clubs packed with extra features for women. You will find spas, saunas, pools, massage services and other such features (even child care!) that make you feel like you’re getting a good amount of personal attention. Other good options for women are salsa classes, now frequently offered in gym centers, as well as Pilates and Yoga. Complex gyms are more appealing to the feminine side.

Get a full workout quickly if you’re busy

Circuit training is great for women who want to shape up. Look for this option when searching for the perfect gym. Circuit training refers to mixing quick workouts of different types (from cardio to resistance) to engage the entire body within a short period of time – usually from 30 min to 1 h. It’s ideal for those who don’t have much time.

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Are you paying too much?

Here’s a detail you must pay attention to: it’s about the price and what the club offers. Many such centers offer attractive pampering extras and take advantage of that. They will have a vast luxurious offer but you won’t need all that. Mostly, it’s there to boost the price and make it too high. You could be paying too much for features that aren’t so beneficial or spectacular after all.

Once these details are sorted out, you still have to figure out the atmosphere and the friendliness of the gym. The best way is by simply visiting it or even opting for a free trial, since many clubs provide such. You will be free to try another one if you don’t like what you found.

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