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Fit couples that works out together, stays together


Some people’s relationship goals are to train and reach their fitness goals together. Unfortunately, no one tells how exactly you can make your dearest one share the same passion for fitness. However, if there is already common interest, you should proceed to training together. It is not a passion killer, as some might fear. Have a look at the world’s top fit couples that work out at the same time, if you doubt it:

Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen (Models)

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The two have frequently spoken about their motivation levels as they train together. Their favorite type of workout? The couple’s quick HIIT. The stunning pair also swim, sprint and climb together, thus showing that it’s not all about the gym. You can have a great time in training if you choose efficient outdoor activities.

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Arianna Reardon and Nick Wright (Lifters)

Screenshot from Nick Wright's youtube channel. Follow Nick at and Arianna at.
Screenshot from Nick Wright’s youtube channel. Subscribe to Nick’s channel here and Arianna’s at here.

Creators of the Nick & Ari Show on YouTube, Ariana and Nick Wright, are well into bodybuilding. If you wish to see how certain exercises are done, watch Nick’s videos. He is also present on Instagram with general updates. Nick may not display the ripped physique we expect, but he can teach one a few things about bulking up, without a too strict diet.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon (Wrestlers)

Follow Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Stephanie McMahon on Instagram.
Follow Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon on Instagram.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahion are the WWE power couple deeply involved in the pro wrestling business, having influenced its history in a solid way. They run the WWE now (along with Vince McMahon, Stephanie’s father) and have been working really hard as professional part-time wrestlers. Their training habit has a certain peculiarity: they both train at midnight. In spite of this, they still have an early rise time. Both have the same exercise schedule and fans can now watch their workout videos online. Before they got married, the couple was famous in 2000 as a highly entertaining on-air pair.

Will and Jada Smith (Celebrities)

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Known as the fittest couple in Hollywood, both Jada and Will have enviable muscle definition and a stunning body figure. The couple said it’s never been easy to stay fit when juggling career and family duties. However, they’ve been accustomed to sports since childhood, which has made their gym sessions a lot more pleasant. They both go by a strict exercise program, from running in the morning to weight lifting and resistance training in the evening. As for dieting, Jada is well into superfoods that offer great nutrients and has a protein-filled diet. Her secret, she confesses, is the two workout sessions she commits to every day.

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen (Professional athletes)

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Both Olympic athletes, Ashton and Brianne are fueled by their competitive spirit and their romantic bond has only helped them train better and reach greater goals. Ashton is the world’s best decathlete and a record setter. Brianne is a heptathlon athlete and has the same coach as her husband. The surprising aspect here is that Ashton seems more dedicated to his wife’s training than to his, as he always proves himself to be involved and concerned with it.

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As these high-achieving couples prove it, enduring romance and fitness fuel each other. At the core of success, there seems to be the desire to make it work for the other as well as for yourself, to enjoy life as a healthy and fit person, this also making you better person for your family.

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