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Fitness & Bodybuilding Podcast You Should Be Listening & Subscribe


A podcast is a series of episodes of digital broadcast, available to the user for download and subscription.

My choice of the podcast is of fitness, training, supplements, nutrition, martial arts, bodybuilding, and self-improvement niche.

I would generally download these podcasts and listen to it while commuting to work, gym and during my idle time.

Here are a few podcasts that I listen and wish to share with you.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Joe Rogan is known for his earlier stint of hosting Fear Factor and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator. The 50-year-old stand-up comedian and martial arts expert now have a popular podcast in which has no structure, it’s just a 2-3 hour long conversation with a variety of invited personalities. Joe is an advocate of fitness, training, and his podcast talk at times reflects that.

RxMuscle – The Truth in Bodybuilding

RX Muscle is the brainchild of former professional bodybuilder Dave Palumbo. After leaving the stage, he coaches other aspiring bodybuilders and started Species Nutrition, a supplement brand. Dave on his channel organize LIVE broadcast with bodybuilding personalities and discuss from cycle usage, latest bodybuilding gossips to supplementation.

Tim Ferriss

While Tim Ferriss podcast is more on the entrepreneurial side, he’s into fitness too. With his reach and connection, his invited personalities include big famous names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry Crews. His books are awesome too and I truly recommend you read up on it.

Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding is a champion IFBB professional bodybuilder and powerlifter, who has been described as the “world’s strongest bodybuilder”. Stan would get into his Humvee & does his podcast. I guess that is his process. Stan’s podcast content is more bodybuilding specific.

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