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Using a Fitness Waist Trimmer Belt Can Cause Injuries


The line between determination and desperation is really thin, when you really want to shed a few pounds. Weight loss is not a process that gives instant gratification. The results are never immediate, and this frustrates a lot of people. That’s why, when they hear of products that can accelerate the process, they jump on without understanding exactly what they are getting themselves into. One of these products is a fitness waist trimmer belt.

The Promise

Hailed by its manufacturers as one of the tools that can accelerate the loss of that unsightly midsection bulge, a fitness waist trimmer belt is advertised to be a quick, easy solution to weight loss. The argument is that the belt accumulates heat in the midsection, helping burn away the fat. It also narrows the waist, leading to a slimmer look when taken off. A gullible person might fall for this factual-sounding logic that is anything but.

This promise is implausible for two very obvious reasons. Fat does not liquefy. No tolerable amounts of heat applied to adipose tissue can lead to its reduction. Secondly, the waist is not malleable. Once the belt is removed, the waist will return to its normal circumference.

The belt does encourage heat retention- that much is true. This can lead to sweating, which can encourage the loss of water weight. But this weight loss is not the true kind, and neither is it sustainable.

The Danger

The absence of any clinical trials or controlled scientific experiments suggests that these supposed benefits are all manufactured.

The truth is a fitness waist trimmer can be really harmful. The midsection area is home to many organs. Tying a belt around it will lead to organ compression. The mere discomfort is enough to serve as a red flag. For those who endure, the sustained compression reduces the space reserved for the movement of the diaphragm. This leads to breathing problems. At the extreme end of things, it can lead to rib or spinal injuries.

If you must get some assistance with your weight loss, consider some fat burning supplements as they are likely to give you more substantial results. Otherwise stick to the tried and tested formula of eating clean and training hard.

A fitness waist trimmer belt might have a fancy name, but when all is said and done, it is still a belt. Its posture improving effects notwithstanding, the belt is not recommended to anyone.

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