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Flexible Training


These days when I train, I don’t really have a scheduled exercise routine spanning a cycle.

Usually I did.

I would plan it for my 8 or 12-weeks training phase.

The exercises, the sets, reps and rest time to the minute detail.

By hook or by crook, I would have to follow it to the tee no matter what.

Which is good and bad.

I recall pushing through the pain and injury to complete the workout.

I cringe at the flashback, as I could be seriously be injured, thankfully not.

Well I learned, for me personally it’s better to gauge my training output based on my body condition on that day itself.

Sounds unplanned and not coordinated to maximize my gains, well not quite.

I still have a proper bodysplits per training week in order.

It’s just that as I walked into the gym, I would have no idea what exercises to do.

The exercises will just pop into my mind, or what inspires me that day with my body condition in mind.

I prefer it this way.

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