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Foods that Boost Your Testosterone Naturally


Testosterone is the androgen that all bodybuilders worldwide venerate because it helps them put on muscle mass. Women have a very meager amount, hence their inability to build muscle. The body produces on average, 75mg of the hormone weekly, and it’s sufficient to support all those secondary sexual characteristics. For the bodybuilder, increasing this production, however trivially, is important in encouraging the body pack on more muscle.

Dropping Testosterone Levels

After hitting 30, the testosterone levels start to drop ever so slightly. This accounts for among others, the reduced energy levels, increased fat gain and hair loss that occur in men of this age group. Boosting your testosterone artificially invites a plethora of health problems, on top of which is testicular atrophy or a shrinking of your junk. So what can you do to ensure your testosterone production remains in high gear?

Boosting Your Testosterone Naturally

Working out encourages greater testosterone production. It is a consequence of increased muscular activity. You can boost this production through your diet as well. Science-based nutritional research has revealed that a select number of foods prompt the body to produce more of the stuff. So what are these food items that you should be taking more of?

Zinc-Rich Foods


Foods rich in zinc should become your new staple. This mineral is the most vital in testosterone production. Consuming plenty of it in the diet not only increases production, but protects from induced testosterone reductions. Some zinc-rich sources include lean meats and fish, cheese, raw milk and yogurt.

Healthy Fats


Healthy fats are encouraged as part of a healthy diet for good reason. In addition to offering cellular support, these fats, abundant in foods such as avocados, egg yolks and olive oil, help boost the production of the androgen. That is because testosterone is built from cholesterol and these foods are rich in it (HDL-the good kind).



It might not be the tastiest vegetable, but broccoli has enough properties to earn its way to your plate. Its role is rather indirect. It has a compound, indole-3-carbinol that reduces estrogen levels in men. This makes room for testosterone.

Dairy Products


Dairy products are rich in BCAAs, which, as research has suggested, help increase testosterone when coupled with strength training. BCAA supplements are not as ideal because their delivery of leucine is too quick for the body to adequately use it. High quality cheese is your best bet.

Vitamin D


Vitamin D has been demonstrated to support healthy testosterone levels. This implies that you should take that daily soak in the sun more seriously because there is a lot to be gained from it.

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