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Front Squats Superset With Step-Ups


These days I’ve been supersetting my legs workout.

My legs has mass, now it’s time to fill-in-the-gaps to make it more aesthetic while at the same time developing functional leg power.

For example, I could full squat ass-to-grass but my butt is already shapely. So I instead I half-squat to focus more on the quads and hamstring.

No you can’t spot exercise a certain muscle group but doing so you can recruit more muscles associated for that so called ‘spot’.

It will increase the secretion of growth hormone, resulting in building lean muscle, while the supersetting will develop leg power and fire up your cardiovascular system.

Also such superset workouts will cut your training time without compromising results.

I like to workout to exhaustion and progressive overload. Keep improving in terms of weight added or reps. Play around with the intensity too (Rest time).

Do not forget your deload week, so take note of your body’s response to such new stimulus. If you need to rest, REST! Don’t be a hero.

For this particular day, I did front half-squats and body-weight stepups. The latter mimics running & jumping movement, which will make me more functional when I transfer that exercise to sports activites.

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