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Tips To Gain Muscle For Those With Low Appetite


For hardgainers, bodybuilding is the hardest. These are the people who, despite of eating regular large quantities of food and training intensely, don’t get to see much of a result, usually because their body is burning the calories too quickly (high metabolism). It all becomes even more difficult and frustrating when you have a poor appetite.

Causes of low appetite

Firstly, one should explore the causes of their low appetite and figure out what can be done about it. It could be a lack of vitamins and minerals or perhaps depression and anxiety. There can be many suitable solutions. Some people restore their appetite as they consume more Vitamin C, for example. It’s hard to tell until you explore the possibilities and see what works for you.

Actions to take

Spacing out meals or exercising can do wonders to your appetite. If you snack or binge eat all the time, you may have a hard time getting enough of an appetite for a big meal. Prepare larger portions and eat them at bigger intervals. Go running or do other physical exercises – preferably in open air – before a meal, to stimulate your body and the appetite. Hunger may come simply after strolling outdoors. Get disciplined and create a daily schedule for yourself. Make it regular and try to have meals at the same time every day. Never skip the breakfast, hoping it would make you hungrier. It’s got an opposite effect on your metabolism – it slows it down to preserve energy.

Supplements to help you

Skinny people, who don’t feel like eating much, may get a lot of help from taking supplements daily. There are specific herbal concoctions in the form of infusions or syrups, meant to create hunger. Focus on drinking bitter teas, such as wormwood infusion. The bitter substances stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and make you more interested in food, also helping you digest it better. Check health stores for vitamin blends and similar products that increase the appetite. Honey related products like pollen are also ideal when your appetite is low. Besides, you should definitely add protein and high calorie shakes to your routine.


Spices and herbs make food tastier but also make you eager to consume more. Supermarket food usually has the infamous monosodium glutamate in it, to get your taste buds addicted, so you can’t stop eating. Cook your meals at home and add whichever spices you like. Do the same with sweets. Cinnamon is a great choice because it really increases hunger. Adding flavor will boost your interest.

What to avoid

We’ve already mentioned the artificial fillers in food, but there is more you should avoid. Don’t stress yourself out with force eating, with too big portions etc. Try instead to have more of the foods you like. At the same time, you should avoid foods with fillers. Many readily made supermarket treats are not only unhealthy, but also give you satiety to last for hours. Certain additives do this when added to food. You will have no gain from it but simply feel full.

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