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Must buy Glutamine recovery supplements in 2016


Glutamine supplements are great when taken in between two training sessions, as they speed up the recovery and feed the muscle. The amino acid known as L-Glutamine has been tested and its efficiency was proven. The compound in itself is naturally occurring within the body and is a most important constituent of the muscular fiber. Increasing its quantity has positive effects on the muscle volume and strength.

Intense regular exercise depletes the body’s own glutamine stores. Remember to supplement it if you are taking your training seriously, have a hard time recovering after training or see no gains. Below are some the top 2016 products containing this amino acid:

Muscle Pharm, Glutamine

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This muscle and recovery enhancer is sold by Muscle Pharm, UFC’s official supplement provider. Each serving delivers 5,000 mg of glutamine with superior bioavailability. It is a pharmacy grade product after all, which gets to saturate the muscular tissue with the much needed substance. It is based on pure L-Glutamine and pure L-analyl-L-Glutamine, both complex and powerful. These compounds rehydrate and rebuild the tissue.

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Optimum Nutrition, Pro BCAA & Glutamine


The total count of amino acids in this product stands at 13 g per serving. With anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, this powder improves protein synthesis, thus triggering muscular expansion. It can also be taken before workouts, if you wish to protect your muscles from the upcoming effort and thus spare the tissue. The BCAA blend is at a 2:1:1 ratio.

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Now Foods, L-Glutamine, Double Strength


With 1,000 mg glutamine, this may not be the strongest on the market, but it can be taken several times a day for the desired results. Its lower price certainly compensates. Note that it comes in capsules, so it’s not the usual powder you might expect. Moreover, the formulation does not include harmful additives; this makes it very friendly to the digestive system. This will work when you have a leaky gut or IBS and is thus suitable to a wide range of consumers. Kudos to Now Foods for thinking about this aspect.

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Body Fortress, 100% Pure Glutamine Powder


The 4,500 mg available in each serving means great strength. It’s a product you can rely on to take you through intense and heavy training, without having to cope with too much muscular damage afterward. Works as pre- and post-workout fuel and leads to shorter recovery times. This is yet another formulation praised for its purity and for its friendly ingredients.

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All the 4 products below have received a majority of 5-star ratings from consumers. Keep in mind how valuable a supplement like this is – Glutamine is involved in protein synthesis and fuels a quicker recovery; at the same time it improves the fat metabolism. Additionally, it protects the muscles from breakdown, preserves the cell volume and even has positive effects on the gastro-intestinal system and the immunity. On the market, you will find it in either powder or pill form, from the very simple to the more complex products, enhanced with other precious nutrients. Consider factors like diet, deficiencies, needs, finances etc. when choosing your Glutamine supplement.

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