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Greek Yogurt vs Normal Yogurt


Yogurt can be such a controversial food when you’re starting to build your special diet. As a gym goer or amateur bodybuilder, you may have totally legitimate questions about it. Yogurt is dairy and therefore should have protein but can also be rich in fat content. Therefore, how useful is it in your diet? Besides, what would be the difference between plain yogurt and the famous Greek variety?

Greek yogurt- a power packed food to indulge upon

Here is what matters: Greek yogurt is a high protein food and that makes it a good snack or breakfast addition for every muscle building enthusiast. At the same time, it’s being praised as a healthy option. The taste is rather neutral, so this makes it easy to mix with various other foods to prepare amazing, delicious meals. Its rich and creamy texture make it a great addition to desserts, as it blends well with fresh and dry fruit, cereals, granola, muesli and so on. You may even use it instead of cream in some recipes that don’t require cooking. Here is another tip for using Greek yogurt in the kitchen: use it for making sauce. You will find it in pasta or fish sauce recipes, for example.

Nutritional facts of Greek yogurt

Let’s have some nutritional data: there are zero grams of saturated fat in the no-fat varieties, so it neither harms your cardiovascular system, nor does it add any unhealthy weight. Besides, it has more calcium than regular milk or yogurt, so it’s great for bones and muscles. The whey is indeed removed from Greek yogurt, but this doesn’t mean it has lower protein content. In fact, the quantity stands at 20% and even up to 30% protein. Therefore, along with low fat content, it is ideal for your bodybuilder diet. If you opt for full fat version, however, you will obviously get more of that.

A food you can consume any time

While yogurt is often seen as breakfast food, it can work well in any moment of the day. It should also be consumed post-workout, as it helps with muscle synthesis. One 6-ounce portion is enough for this purpose. All you need is simple Greek yogurt – this one has the most protein and also the lowest carbs content, without additives like sugar.

Greek yogurt wins over normal yogurt

Compared to regular yogurt, the Greek type is thus not only a more exotic and more creamy version, but its taste is milder and can be combined with many other flavors. It also has live bacteria cultures known as great probiotics and has less of lactose and sugar content. Both types are healthy and full of benefits, but the latter can actually suit the more special diets out there. If your focus is on protein and you want to avoid the carbs, then Greek yogurt is the better choice for you, especially since it’s a food that’s being consumed on a regular basis.

Greek yogurt is also highly suitable to vegetarians, supplying as much protein as 2-3 ounces of meat.

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