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Is It Advisable To Gym Or Do Cardio At Night Before Sleep Time


Finding time to exercise can be a huge challenge to those who are busy with their jobs throughout the day. It seems that many of us are forced to train in the evening or even at night, if we want to have dream bodies. There are even gyms open all night, so there should be no problem with it, right?

How about those so common warnings that you shouldn’t exercise too late in the day? It gets especially difficult if you already have weight lifting scheduled and have to make the cardio fit in somehow, too.

Find what works for you

If you are scared of the effects of training at night, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Some people get too pumped and their heart rate stays high, making sleep impossible. Others don’t have this struggle but simply use up all their energy and enjoy a sound sleep. Test and see how your body responds to this. Late evening exercise could get you to feel more relax, as you’re letting go of all the stress accumulated throughout the day. If you’re choosing evenings, then be careful not to eat any carbs or starches after your cardio is done.

Is the night really bad for gym/cardio?

Nighttime exercise isn’t bad in itself, unless you are sensitive to activity and it interferes with your sleep. When you are not, even vigorous gym workouts may help you rest better. Collected data shows that this is much more often the case than staying awake at night because of it.

The best time

The best time for cardio varies from person to person. Those who barely have any energy in the morning can surely postpone it to an hour when they feel more apt. However, even if you are totally energized early in the morning, doing cardio training on an empty stomach is a big mistake. You won’t be even losing weight, like you expect to. Instead, he body will be taking energy right from where you don’t want it to – your muscles, that is. If morning is the time for you, at least have breakfast before.

You may keep your cardio after your weights session, but never before. How late is it safe to go though? Make sure you have at least 2 hours left until your bed time. This will allow you to lower your temperature and also decrease the adrenaline levels. Thus, the body will be back to the parameters needed for sleep. If the time is short, a cold shower will help cool down and get you ready for sleep – it won’t actually wake you up at this time.

Although athletes prefer to train early in the morning, research shows that afternoon workouts are ideal and get to have the most benefits, at the same time being friendly to the circadian rhythm. Still, remember this precious tip: keeping cardio and strength training for separate days will make you more effective at both.

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