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Is it better to workout in the gym with or without aircon


During your stay at the gym, you may wonder whether it’s best to turn the AC on or off. Some people never give one thought to this matter, until they start to experience the drafts of cold air on their sweaty skin. Which way is better health-wise, after all?

Before we get to the truth, you should know that a lot of false information has been circulating on this topic. For example, some said that maintaining a high temperature in the room (no aircon or fan) leads to more sweating, which is great for your weight loss efforts. It’s like a sauna if you want.

The truth

This rise in temperature does not accomplish what you desire, however. The metabolism rate does not go up and whichever weight loss you may experience, it is small and only temporary. Mostly, it’s just water weight that you’re losing and it’s coming back soon. Additionally, you’re also losing important electrolytes through sweat, so why would you want to exercise in a hot, stuffy room? For optimal physical performance, you need all your resources.

Maintain the balance

Feel free to use the AC or whichever cooling method may be available. Still, do not exercise in a cold environment. It is because the cold has a bad effect on your muscles. Ever heard of Bikram yoga? It is a form of yoga that’s based on heat – when this warms up your muscles, they become more flexible and apt. Balance is important, don’t have it too hot or cold.

Sure, heat and the sweat it generates have more effects than that. An immediate result is a poor grip of fitness equipment and weights. Having sweaty hands is bound to give you a hard time when lifting. Anyway, should you find yourself unable to cool yourself and the room, at least make sure to stay well hydrated. Whenever you feel that your activity isn’t the same as before and your performance is at inferior levels, you should look for methods to cool the room or switch to a better gym, where you can avoid excessive heat.

Air conditioning in the gym, in the end, can be a blessing though. Keep in mind that sweating has no significant impact on bodybuilding. It will only deplete your electrolytes as it regulates your bodily temperature. Turn up the AC to feel comfortable and workout at your best rate.

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