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What To Eat During The Holidays If You Are A Bodybuilder


Can you stay committed to your diet during the holidays? Can you enjoy the goodies of the season without accumulating fat but keeping the muscles? After all, holiday food isn’t exactly the healthiest type. It seems like an impossible task unless you have an out-of-this-world self-control.

It’s not all about your will, though. You can apply some proven techniques that help you keep your food intake in check. Here’s the first tip: don’t wait until Christmas. You might be surprised by such advice, but think about it; if you start treating yourself to a few delicacies every now and then, without exaggerating, you won’t be so tempted to sample everything in sight on the Christmas table. Remember to drink up loads of water, to keep your belly full and to prevent yourself from drinking sweet juice, soda or alcohol.

While lunch or dinner may be problematic, not every meal of the say is like that. For breakfast, you can enjoy regular oatmeal, eggs, and fruit. Opt for one solid protein dish, whichever your type is. If you know you’re going to eat meat-based meals during your visits or anything with protein but also with fattening ingredients, cook beans when you’re on your own, broccoli or lean fish.

Some holiday meals aren’t so bad for your muscle building goals. The problem lies in side dishes, like mashed potatoes, or in rich gravies. Therefore, you are better off if you skip those. On the other hand, if you have light side dishes within your reach, like salads, you may want to fill up on those and eat a lot less of the fattening foods. Again, make sure these don’t contain a heavy sauce.

Turkey, chicken, and fish are all good choices for muscle builders during this season. If you happened to eat carbs, make sure you take a break from these the next day; alternating like this really works. As for saturated fats, don’t avoid these completely – you need them for testosterone production.

Choose foods that are the closest to their original state – the less processing, the better. Also, exercise self-control, as you still need to follow your goals. Moderation allows you to enjoy the holiday spirit, at the same time limiting the bad foods. As long as you don’t go overboard with anything, you can have an amazing time and keep your gains intact into the New Year.

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