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How Big Can You Get Naturally Without Steroids


Muscle enhancers are so often the talk in the world of bodybuilders. Be it for financial or for health reasons, newcomers ask if they could avoid being “on the juice” yet still gain impressive amounts of muscular mass. There is no simple answer here.

Can You Do Without Steroids?

Anabolic steroids and other such drugs are used to enhance one’s muscular mass, especially when there are serious bodybuilding efforts. These also allow for quicker results. There are many reasons why one would want to avoid taking steroids altogether, as well as any other enhancers. Their side effects can be frightening. The juice can be toxic to your liver and may cause malformations to the bone. It certainly isn’t a good idea, unless you are on a medical program. You can ditch the steroids especially if you have favorable genetics and of your goal is not about looking as ripped as sportsmen in fitness magazines. You can still gain plenty of mass, but may never be like your idols.

If you decide to take steroids however, the supervision of a doctor is absolutely necessary. They may also want you to have blood tests regularly to monitor your liver.

Natural vs. Steroids

Whichever of the two paths you decide to take the outcome will be the result of your hard work, diet, and genetics. Hormones also matter here. Testosterone is the hormone that dictates how big one’s muscles can grow. The more you have of it, the bigger you will become. Bone size also matters, as there are significant differences between individuals.

Studies have shown that people who take steroids and exercise frequently are the ones who put on the most muscle mass. The scales always incline in the favor of steroid users and that is no secret. The big trouble lies elsewhere. It’s in the deception- people are often deceived by popular bodybuilders who claim they go 100% natural but in fact they’re not. The only thing you can do about this is to learn how to spot the liars. One big clue is the lack of an equal development. These bodybuilders have very wide shoulders, contrasting with their tiny waists.

Now that you know the difference between natural and juice-enhanced bodybuilding, you can decide for yourself based on your genetics, your levels of testosterone (of they’re low, it will be harder for you to gain muscle), and your effort and commitment to training. Of course, the decision should also be based on your goal: how big/ripped do you want to look? Even when you’ve answered all questions and got some rough calculations done, you cannot know the outcome precisely. You can only know your limit when you hit it.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of performing enhancing drugs but of my honestly held opinion.

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