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How Bodybuilders Benefit from Drinking Alkaline Water


Ionized or alkaline water is said to have benefits that go beyond the hydration aspect. This has seemed to be more like a marketing hype however, but what chemistry and experience are showing is making bodybuilders think twice about the importance of alkalinization through water.

Alkaline water and its role in improving an athlete’s performance

Even a minor PH modification can mean a lot to the body. It can make you healthier or, in the contrary, flare up illnesses. Alkaline water, which is rich in oxygen, can boost energy levels by increasing the oxygen quality in the blood. It makes one feel less tired during and after exercise and may even alters the weight. Thus, it is able to impact an athlete’s performance in so many ways.

Are the manufacturing companies promoting too much?

The issue is with the alkaline water companies. They promote their products in too positive ways and not all those claimed benefits are true. They present these in an apparently scientific manner, but it’s usually omitting some very important details. Still, the main problem remains the exaggeration. There are far too many, far too great benefits listed by producing companies. These make alkaline water sounds like a miracle cure… to everything. Obviously, it hasn’t been so, but it’s interesting that Japan trusts it. We should keep an eye on this country and its people, since they have been seduced by alkaline water in great numbers.

The fact behind the hype of amazing benefits of alkaline water

Let’s have a look at the science behind all the hype, though. During workouts, the level of acid within the muscle grows. It’s because the glycogen transformation into energy creates a few types of acids, including the lactic one. This means that the muscle PH is going down but also that other processes are being slowed down. This is how you get more tired. Acidity means less muscular power and less efficient workouts. No wonder athletes of many kinds are concerned with keeping their PH levels within the optimal limits.

However, it’s not all about how muscles become acidic as you train. It’s also the diet. Meat, eggs, dairy and many other foods that we eat create acid within the body. A bodybuilder can have a very hard time eating more alkaline meals, which would have to consist mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables. To many bodybuilders, this would sound like a joke. What can one do then? The solution is supplementing the diet with as much alkalinity as we can.

However, drinking such water cannot make too big of a difference. It’s the diet that matters more, it seems. It’s rather the food that’s being digested that brings alkalinity to the body and maintains it. Oxygenation may indeed get to superior levels through drinking the water (with very positive effects on the body) but in no way this can fight off a highly acidic diet. These being said, we may conclude that there is still need of much evidence to give a verdict on alkaline water. Time and experience will tell whether it is worth to go by it or bodybuilders (and the rest) can just do without it.

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