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How Bodybuilders Can Benefit From Eating Blueberries


Blueberries are among the modern-day nutrition stars because of their vitamins and antioxidants. These small blue fruits are also tasty and refreshing and highly decorative, too. They are even said to have healing and detox properties, but how will they benefit a muscle machine like you?

Are blueberries good for bodybuilders?

Blueberries are not just a healthy addition to anyone’s diet. The health benefits are numerous: from providing important quantities of Vitamin C to supporting good eye function. They also help control blood sugar levels and this surely matters to bodybuilders, who are very careful about their sugar intake anyway.

Blueberries fight oxidative stress and inflammation

When the body is under stress, regardless of the nature of it, it goes through the oxidation process at the cellular level. This is where antioxidants are useful. The process happens during and after an illness and also after physical effort, when the body fights free radicals and needs to repair itself. Antioxidants in blueberries help with this. Therefore, adding these to your diet means you will help your body recover and actually get to shorten the process.

Also, these berries are known to reduce inflammation, something which occurs quite frequently when training your muscles so hard.

Lose fat with blueberries

Blue berries help people burn the fat more efficiently and lose weight. The Michigan Cardiovascular Center did some research on this matter and found these fruits to be helpful. The standard amount they used was a cup every two days. The goal of the study, however, was to identify whether these would support cardiovascular health and metabolism. Weight loss was observed as one of the effects. Also, cholesterol levels were diminished.

They effect on muscular tissue

Here is something to concern bodybuilders directly. Given their mineral and vitamin profile, blueberries are great in promoting better blood oxigenation. This is known to be vital to muscles, especially when these go through tough workouts and are pushed to grow. Therefore, consuming blueberries is an advantage for all bodybuilders.

How to consume blueberries?

Like every fruit, these are at their best when fresh. Eat them when they are ripe, meaning when they have a dark-blue color. Frozen blueberries are very nice, too. These are crunchy and work well in smoothies, in protein shakes but also with cereals. Add them to your cereal bowl or yoghurt and enjoy a lovely combination of aromas and colors! Don’t forget the oatmeal (a great source of fiber).

Blueberries are well appreciated thanks to their micronutrient profile. Your body will benefit of more of these if you consume them frequently: Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as copper, selenium, iron and zinc. There is no reason at all to refuse to include these in your bodybuilder diet. As always, the best way is to have fruits as snacks or used in beverages instead of mixing them with your big meals. You get the full benefits of fruits when you consume them at least one hour before and after a meal.

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