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How MCT Oil can help bodybuilders in their gains


Muscle gain is the sole objective of bodybuilders and they can take any measures, in terms of exercise regimes and dietary supplements, to build the desired muscles and to attain their dream weight and physique.

One of the latest findings reveals that switching to MCT oil can do the trick for bodybuilders in terms of acquiring the desired gains and losing fats.

How MCT oil can help bodybuilders in their gains?

First, let us understand what MCT oil is and then explore its beneficial effects, especially for bodybuilders.

MCT oil stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and is a good option to choose in place of the popular LCT or long-chain triglycerides products.

MCT oil at room temperature appears like a light yellowish liquid which is odorless and translucent. It primarily comprises of capric and caprylic fatty acids. The medium chain fatty acids that MCT contains are easily absorbed by the body into the bloodstream similar to how glucose is absorbed. The oil is also quickly utilized by the body as an energy fuel instead of being stored as fat for later use. The rapid conversion of the MCT oil as a fuel source is due to its thermogenic property which makes it an ideal choice for providing energy.

Why use MCT for bodybuilding?

MCT oil is actually a fat but in the body, it acts more like a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel (glucose) used to provide energy to the body. Thus when consumed, MCT is rapidly converted into energy instead of being stored as fat for later use. This helps to stay lean and takes care of unwanted body fats.

Also, with MCT at work, the proteins and amino acids are in a way ‘free’ to focus on the task of muscle building instead of providing energy to the body. To elaborate the process, once consumed the liver converts MCT to ketone bodies and these are used for metabolism in place of the usual amino acids, thus allowing the amino acids to concentrate on developing muscle building.

By taking MCT in consistent and desired proportions, it can help aid in the increased caloric intake and thus further provides a boost to muscle development. In fact, lean muscles can be easily developed via MCT as it:

  • Helps to lose fat and burn calories thus boosting the metabolism
  • Helps improve the ability to burn additional dietary fats
  • Helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels, especially between meals, thus being ideal for diabetic patients and those suffering from high sugar
  • Additionally, it also helps stimulate insulin

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