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How much calories to burn if you were to eat a bar of Snickers?


A bar of snickers has 229 calories.

3km or a 20 minute jogging – A 74kg person burns 229 calories on their 3km run, source.

35 minutes of weight lifting – 229 calories burned for 62kg person lifting weights, source.

46 minutes of sexual intercourse – 2013 study found 20 minutes of sex burns 100 calories, source.

Mopping the floor for 1 hour – Mopping burns about 240 calories per hour, a great upper/lower body workout, source.

3-days worth of tweeting, Facebook, Instagram – An average user type 60 words p/minute, and sending a tweet burns around 1.03 calories which takes around 23 seconds. If an average person metabolically burns around 2.65 calories per minute at rest, you can burn 87 calories in 24-hours or 261 calories in 3-days, source. (Not recommended!)

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